AfroLatin Egypt is one of the international leading entities in training & events organizing for professional dance, our passion is dance, so we promote all its types & the culture of each for authenticity.
Since 2010 we’ve been organizing many successful events; International Annual Festivals, hundreds of Workshops, Boot-Camps & Parties, also we teach different dances, mainly “Kizomba – Semba – Zouk – Bachata & some more”, also we provide workshops for all other dances through our network & partners.

In our main events, as an added value we add a bit of our culture & other activities using our touristic treasure.

Our name is an official registered trade mark, it gained people trust & became well known internationally by presenting quality & people satisfaction, so we hope to meet your expectations & gain your trust as well.

Best regards,
Amr Kasseb
Founder & Director

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We’re the first to introduce (Kizomba, Semba, Zouk, Bolero, Bachatango, Rueda De Bachata, Kaizen Dance & Dances of Cape Verde) in Egypt in 2010. We started in that year as few friends trying to bring new dances to Egypt, so first we organized workshops, then later in Dec-2010 we had our “1st AfroLatin Dance Festival” & to ensure its success we mixed the new dances with the existing ones (Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, etc.).
At that time we didn’t have our name “AfroLatin Egypt”, but later in May-2011 “Amr Kasseb” decided that we create this entity under the name of “AfroLatin Egypt” as he was looking forward to cover all dances.