🚍 Transfers that you might need:
1. Free shuttle available every 30 min between Cairo Int’l Airport & Le Passage Cairo Hotel & Casino 🚐
Once you exit the hall wait at the shuttle buses area, and you can contact the bus upon or before arrival on:
– Whatsapp or call: +201030817755
– Call: +201222381439 , +201222381539
2. Cairo to Hurghada:
Private bus on Sun Oct-6 at 5 am from Le Passage Hotel. ($18 / 750 LE)
Included in Royal, SuperUltra VIP & VIP Passes.
3. Hurghada to Luxor:
Bus (included in the Luxor day trip package)
Included in Royal, SuperUltra VIP & VIP Passes.

4. Luxor to Cairo or Hurghada:
If you won’t go to Nubia (as VIP Pass holders), you can fly to Cairo or your country from Luxor, or we can help you to book a transfer to Hurghada.
⚠️ VIP Pass holders, inform us if you need to go back to Hurghada.

5. Hurghada to Cairo:
You can fly to Cairo or your country, or book a bus to Cairo on Go Bus or Blue Bus
⚠️ VIP Pass holders, consider this point.
6. Luxor to Nubia (Aswan):
Train after the day trip, $30 / 350 LE
Included in Ultra VIP, Super & Royal Pass.
7. Nubia (Aswan) to Cairo:
Flight or train for Ultra VIP & flight for Super (Flight included in Royal Pass)

🅰️ Flight ✈️ $80 – $150 (Included in Royal Pass)
⚠️ Super pass holders, you have to book a flight from Aswan to Cairo on Oct-12 before 10pm to catch the bus to Matrouh & Siwa. (Suggested: Egyptair MS285 or MS287) or any flight on any airlines.
🅱 Trains (Trip is 14 hrs)
1) Sleep Train 🛌🚂 (Includes: Dinner & Breakfast)
✅ Book here (max 2 months in advance) if you need help contact us.
2) Regular Train 🚂 (Different hours)
✅ Book here.

Bus from Cairo to Hurghada

Transfer from Luxor to Aswan (Nubia)
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