In our lovely hectic dance world, the events are getting more & more on daily basis, and 99% are a copy paste, just a new cool flashy name, and you have a new festival added to the list, the list that no dancer can keep up with.

Many dancers started to get overwhelmed with the amount of events, and even some are confused between what’s good and what’s not, as they all look the same, and here we’re trying to help you to get out of the box and choose better, usually when you check an event you think about artists, DJs, cost, etc., but remember to ask yourself the following few questions as well:

  • Is the event a copy paste, has something special or unique?
  • Is it well organized?
  • Is the value you’re paying for satisfying?
  • Is it social, so you get to know new people or meet friends?
  • Is it in a nice city where you can enjoy visiting?

There are many good events out there, but here we list as an example a few ones that their organizers thought out of the box and made it differently; including our event as the last on the list.

Croatian Summer Salsa Festival
A festival which makes the whole town dance salsa. Beaches, hotels, streets, old tobacco factory, squares, islands – the whole town is a dance floor for a couple of thousands of visitors from all around the world, also they have other events connected before it, where can enjoy for more days.
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Prague Salsa Marathon
For real party animals, parties all day & night long, no shows & no workshops, they always have great DJs, great dancers, and most importantly it’s 100% social as they have max limit of 250 attendees, so you’ll have the chance to meet and make friends.
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AfroLatin Dance Holidays in Egypt
A real dance holiday between 6 amazing cities, Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor, Nubia (Aswan), Matrouh & Siwa, best sunny weather (30°C) in Oct. No workshops or shows to waste your fun time, crazy parties, very rich program, you won’t believe how much you can do, incredibly affordable price, 100% social, it’s one of a kind.
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Remember to think out of the box when choosing your next event, you deserve to have a good variety over the year, get the best value for money and the most memorable dance experience.